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Students are responsible for obtaining all the necessary approvals before submitting petitions to the Graduate Studies Office.  Students leaving the Institute, whether temporary (sabbatical) or permanent (withdrawal), should consult the Checkout Procedures

Change of Adviser

Change of Degree

  • Withdraw from present degree program to pursue another degree

  • Enroll for a higher degree upon completion of present degree

Certification Letter

Continued Enrollment

  • Enrollment is limited to the term following the Ph.D. defense (one term only), excluding summer if the degree was conferred in June or if the Institute degree requirements were met the previous term.

Extended Registration 

  • PhD - enrolling for 24 or more terms (six years)

  • Candidacy - enrolling for 12 or more terms (three years) without being admitted to candidacy

Detached Duty

This status is limited to undertaking academic pursuits directly related to thesis research.  Please refer to the conditions for students on detached duty status.  Most employment opportunities, paid internships and other non-academic positions should be taken as a sabbatical/leave of absence.

  • Students will remain enrolled full-time (36 units) in research units

  • Institute academic requirements (candidacy, PhD exam, etc.) must be completed on schedule without delay 

Late Addition

Late Drop

Dropping a Course after Drop Day or Changing the Grading Scheme

  • Every effort should be made to drop courses or change the grading scheme from letter grade to P/F or vice versa by Drop Day.  Only under exceptional circumstances or due to administrative error will the Dean approve requests for dropping a course or changing the grading scheme after Drop Day.  Requests must include documentation and the written support of the instructor of the course.

  • If approved, a grade of W (standing for "withdrawn") will be posted on the transcript in place of a grade.  W's are not included in the computation of the student's grade point average. 

Late Registration

Medical Leave

The Medical Leave petition requires a recommendation from the Health and Counseling Center and approval of the Dean.  International students must also consult with International Student Programs prior to approval of the leave.

  • Clearance to Return from Medical Leave (requires approval from the Health and Counseling Center and the Dean - please make an appointment to discuss your return or to extend your leave no less than six weeks before the term in which you are planning or expected to return.  Under normal circumstances, students are only permitted to re-enroll at the beginning of a term).

  • Conditions for going on and returning from medical leave.  Please read these carefully, and contact the Graduate Office with any questions. 

Medical Leave Extension/Exception

For circumstances where the medical leave extends beyond the terms of the original leave and/or when special access is needed to campus resources or facilities.


To be used for all other petition requests not covered on one of the standard forms. 


Enroll for greater than 62 work and study units combined 

Sabbatical/Leave of Absence

Tuition Waiver


Enroll for fewer than 36 units