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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday, September 19 – Graduate Student Orientation 

                Hosted by the Graduate Studies Office

The Graduate Student Orientation program will be held in Ramo Auditorium, with the exception of lunch, which will be held in the Avery Courtyard.  Following orientation, President Rosenbaum and Professor Faber will host dinner at their house (415 S. Hill Ave). 

8-9am --- Continental Breakfast (Ramo Auditorium)

9-9:10am --- Welcome:  Kate McAnulty (Associate Dean of Graduate Studies)

9:10-9:20am --- Resources and Support:  Natalie Gilmore (Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies) and Doug Rees (Dean of Graduate Studies)

9:20-9:30am --- Registrar and FERPA:  Kim Mawhinney (Interim Registrar) 

9:30-9:45am --- Payroll and Bursar:  Lisa Flores (Senior Payroll Administrator) and Ruth Sharp (Bursar)

9:45-9:50am --- Graduate Honor Council:  Denise Schmitz and Julie Hofstra (Co-Chairs, Graduate Honor Council)

9:50-10am --- Research Integrity:  Grace Fisher-Adams (Director, Office of Research Compliance)

10-10:10am --- Emergency, Safety, and Security:  Vic Clay (Chief of Campus Security)  

10:20-11:20am --- Faculty Panel

11:30am-12:30pm --- Lunch and Resource Fair (Avery Courtyard)

12:45-12:50pm --- Graduate Student Council:  Alistair Hayden (Chair, Graduate Student Council) and Dan Johnson (Vice Chair, Graduate Student Council) 

12:50-1:10pm --- Health and Counseling Center:  Jennifer Howes (Director of Health and Counseling Services)

1:10-1:20pm --- Housing and Graduate Residence Life:  Nilza Santana-Castillo (Graduate Residential Life Coordinator) and Donal O’Sullivan, Annelise Thompson, and Emily Wyatt (Graduate Resident Associates)

1:20-1:30pm --- Center for Diversity:  Hanna Song (Senior Director for Diversity) and Erin-Kate Escobar (Assistant Director for Diversity, Confidential Resource)

1:30-1:35pm --- Caltech Y:  Greg Fletcher (Student Activities and Community Service Director)

1:35-2:35pm --- Title IX, ADA, and other Institute Policies:  Felicia Hunt (Assistant Vice President for Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion Initiatives, and Title IX Coordinator)

2:40-3:40pm --- Student Experience Panel

4-5pm --- Breakout Sessions

5:30-7pm --- Dinner (President’s House, 415 S. Hill Ave.)  

7:30pm --- Social Event: Casino Night at 7pm in Avery Courtyard
Calling all players, card sharks, and amateurs to a night of casino fun. Test your skills at poker, black jack, & roulette for a chance to win prizes. Not the biggest card player? Come along anyway and root friends on-- or enjoy the open bar and desserts.