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Health Services and Insurance

Health Services

All registered students are eligible to use the services of the Caltech Student Health Center and Student Counseling Center.  The centers are open and staffed five days a week during normal business hours, 8:15 am - 4:45 pm and are closed from 12-1 pm for lunch.

After Hours Services

Refer to the Health Center website for more information on after hours emergency contacts and services.

On-the-Job Injuries

Students who believe that they were injured or became ill as part of a Caltech work-related activity may be eligible for Workers' Compensation, which is handled  through the Caltech Workers' Compensation Administrator, a process that is separate from the standard student medical insurance.  For any on-the-job injury other than that requiring simple first aid, the affected student should contact Security, and notify their supervisor (advisor), who should contact the the Workers' Compensation Administrator (x4577) immediately.

Medical Leave

Students that have health conditions that prevent them from carrying our their regular duties may be eligible for medical leave. A medical leave is intended for the students to recover from health conditions and be able to return to successful graduate study. In order to be placed on leave, the student must petition for leave, and get the concurrence of the Caltech Student Health and Counseling Center, Option Representative, Advisor, and the permission of the Dean of Graduate Studies. Students on medical leave are eligible for Caltech health care benefits.

Health Insurance

All full-time regularly enrolled Caltech graduate students are eligible to participate in the student health care benefit plan. Effective September 1, 2014, the student health plan will be managed by United HealthCare (UHC) for medical insurance and Delta Dental for dental insurance.  All registered graduate students are required to have health insurance and most elect to use the Caltech plan. Students may elect to use a different plan if their insurance meets the waiver requirements.   Students that are working or traveling abroad are covered, but should read the bulletin on coverage and discuss this with the Benefits Office if they have any questions.  For details on the medical and dental highlights, the plan contacts, and enrollment/waiver requirements, please refer to the Benefits website. 


Students selecting the plans pay a portion of the premium, which is billed three times during the academic year to his/her Bursar account.  The premium is subsidized by the Institute and the students are asked to pay a modest portion.

For current student rates, please see the Benefits website.

Dependent Health Care

For an additional charge, you may also enroll your spouse and eligible dependent children in one or both plans.  The Graduate Studies Office will provide reimbursement of dependent health care costs, up to $100 per month per dependent.  Students should apply by submitting a request for reimbursement and copies of bills or proof of payment to the Graduate Studies Office.