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Funding Requests

Dependent Health Care -  Enrolled graduate students are eligible to apply for reimbursement for health insurance costs up to $120* per month, per dependent (*increased from $100 effective September 2019).  Complete the request form and submit with appropriate documentation.  The reimbursement will be paid as a miscellaneous payment through payroll on or around the 26th of the month of the next available pay period following submission.  Reimbursements are subject to applicable income taxes.  Only enrolled graduate students are eligible, and students who are completing their studies should be sure to submit their request form at least one month prior to the end of their final term. 

Conference Travel - Enrolled graduate students in good standing may apply for conference travel support up to $500 once per academic year.  Reimbursable expenses include airfare, lodging, registration, and transportation.  Per diem and meals are not included.  Applications will be accepted for conferences each corresponding term during the following submission dates only: 

FALL TERM (October to December)

Forms due: August 1 - August 31


WINTER TERM (January to March)

Forms due: November 1 - November 30


SPRING TERM (April to June)

Forms due: February 1 - February 28


SUMMER TERM (July to September)

Forms due: May 1 - May 31

Applicants and their advisors will be notified of the decision by email.  To apply, please complete the online form via the active link above and submit it during the submission period for the relevant term in which the conference date falls. You will be asked to include the conference details (dates and location), the relevance to your research, a breakdown of the costs, and if you have applied for and received any additional funding from your advisor, the option/division, or the conference organizers, etc. Funding is limited and priority will be given to students invited to participate in an oral or poster presentation and to those students who have not previously requested funding.

Emergency Fund

Student Affairs Program Fund -The Department of Student Affairs provides funds to student clubs or organizations that provide campus-wide programs at Caltech. The Student Affairs Program Fund is intended for social, cultural, and recreational events and activities that encourage participation from the student community. Our goal is to assist student organizations not only with funding for their programs, but also to help with ideas, support, planning, and organization. The general guidelines for acquiring funding can be found on the Student Affairs website under Program Funding. In order for a funding proposal to be submitted, the student organization must first open a club account with the Bursar's office. If you have questions about the funding process, please contact the office of the Student Affairs Business Administrator at 395-3208.